Freedom by Design: How Vertika’s SDA Homes Help You Live a Life You’ll Love

Adam Wyatt
Updated On
June 27, 2024

One of the challenges people living with a disability frequently face is having to make do with built environments that weren’t designed for their needs from the outset. You don’t have to be living with a disability to relate to the inconvenience this might cause. Imagine pushing a heavy pram around a busy city, only to be constantly hindered by inaccessible spaces.

We’re flipping this design logic on its head at Vertika by purposefully creating Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) that specifically meets the needs of people living with disabilities. Each time we design and build a new SDA property, accessibility is our first and last consideration.

Let’s explore how our next-generation SDA homes harness the latest design and tech features, enabling our participants to simplify their daily tasks, live comfortably, and dedicate more of their time and energy to the things that really matter.  

It All Begins with Human-Centred Design

Every person's experience of living with a disability is unique. That's why at Vertika, we don't just follow a design checklist. Our human-centred design approach involves taking the time to understand the needs of our participants. This helps us to identify the obstacles they face in their daily lives, and then seek design solutions that address those specific problems.

A collaborative approach ensures every feature, from the width of rooms to the placement of electrical fittings, is designed for your comfort and ease of use. This is because a home that anticipates your needs is a home where you can spend less time maneuvering or reaching and more time doing the things you enjoy.  

At Vertika, we take the time to deeply understand our participants and their needs before the design process begins.

Built From the Ground Up for Freedom

Vertika homes are designed from the ground up to remove physical barriers, not create them. Wide hallways and doorways ensure smooth movement, whether you use a wheelchair, walker, or another mobility aid. Our showers feature a roll-in design, slip resistant flooring and strategically placed grab bars.  

Good design is often harder to spot than bad design, in part because it fits our needs so well that it becomes invisible. Every detail of a Vertika home is carefully considered to create a living experience that feels effortless. Michelle Lang, General Manager for Vertika, says “We believe that enjoying freedom of movement and ease of use in your home shouldn't be a privilege, it should be the norm.”.

Design Options to Suit Your Needs

Because everybody’s needs are different, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’. In fact, there’s only ‘one-size-fits-one'.  That's why Vertika offers a range of SDA options, including Improved Liveability and High Physical Support:

Improved Liveability features are designed to make everyday life easier and more comfortable for people with a wider range of abilities. This might include wider doorways or lowered appliances that are easy to reach from a seated position.

High Physical Support options cater to people who require more assistance with daily tasks. This could involve features like roll-in showers, or hoists to assist with transfers.  

Within these categories, there's still plenty of room for customisation. You can choose from a variety of design features to create a personalised SDA home that truly reflects your individual needs and lifestyle preferences.

Smarter Technology for a Smoother Life

When it’s developed and used for the right reasons, technology is one of the purest forms of human progress. It enables us to do things that once seemed impossible.

In a domestic setting, tech innovations are all about making life easier and expanding our ability to do the things we’re passionate about. That's why Vertika embraces the power of assistive technology. Doors glide open at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to struggle with heavy doors. Kitchen counters can be raised or lowered electronically, freeing you to focus on whipping up your favourite meal.  

These details aren’t just details, they make the design. All these small but carefully considered tech features add up to an enormous impact on your everyday life. Michelle says “We incorporate assistive tech in our properties because it enables our participants to take charge of their environment. It gives them the freedom to use their homes to do whatever makes them happy.”.  

And because we understand the importance of familiarity, Vertika even offers virtual tours that allow you to explore your new home from the comfort of your current one, ensuring a smooth transition into a space that perfectly complements your lifestyle goals.  

A sleek Vertika kitchen with the latest appliances and assistive technology.

Captivating Communities

Designing for accessibility isn't just about what's inside your home; it's about creating the right conditions for people to connect in. All our properties are designed with community access in mind, with shared indoor and outdoor living spaces where you can enjoy a collective sense of belonging.  

Vertika's living spaces are thoughtfully designed to be inclusive, inviting and shared by many. You can spend an afternoon engaging in open conversation with friends on an open-plan terrace or enjoy a games night with your neighbours in one of the spacious communal living areas.  

Representing one of our most innovative projects, our Merrylands property breaks the mold of traditional SDA homes by offering one, two and three-bedroom homes. Our vision is to create a unique environment where families have the privacy of their own apartments, while enjoying unlimited access to a warm and welcoming community.      

The Future is Accessible

At Vertika, we’re constantly looking ahead. The world of design and technology is ever evolving, and we’re committed to staying at the forefront. We actively research and incorporate the latest advancements in accessibility features and assistive technology.  

Michelle says, “Our goal is to ensure that Vertika homes not only meet the needs of today but are also adaptable to the possibilities of tomorrow.”. Why? Because you deserve a home that grows with you, a home that empowers you to live a life you love, today and for years to come.

The Vertika team celebrating the completion of Merrylands, the hub of a new Captivating Community.

Live comfortably and focus on what matters

If you're looking for an SDA provider that prioritises your freedom and harnesses the latest design and tech, look no further than Vertika. We’re committed to building state-of-the-art SDA properties in Sydney that house captivating communities you’ll thrive in.  

Contact one of our friendly experts today and discover how our thoughtfully designed next-generation SDA homes can empower you to live a life brimming with possibility:

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Adam Wyatt
Updated On
June 27, 2024
Adam Wyatt is a content writer at Vertika and subject matter expert of the NDIS space. He holds a doctorate in communications and media is an advocate for human-centred content that makes a positive impact in people's lives.
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