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Building Captivating Communities: The Vertika & SDA Services Partnership

Adam Wyatt
Updated On
June 18, 2024

Wouldn’t it be great if finding the perfect Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) home and achieving independence weren't hurdles, but steppingstones to a fuller and more rewarding life? For many people living with disabilities, this concept is a reality because of the partnership between Vertika and SDA Services.  

SDA Services ensures that participants are guided and supported throughout the NDIS SDA application process. They are one of Vertika’s trusted partners, coordinating all the reports and documentation needed to secure a level of SDA funding appropriate to a person’s individual needs, supporting them throughout every step of the application process, including reviews and appeals.  

The combination of Vertika's next-generation SDA properties with SDA Services' deep understanding of SDA eligibility and the NDIS means more people living with disabilities can access the high-quality accommodation they deserve.  

This blog – the first in our Captivating Communities series – will take a close look at this partnership and explore the life-changing outcomes it brings about.    

A Streamlined SDA Journey

Navigating the NDIS SDA funding process can be complicated. That's when SDA Services steps in, acting as your knowledgeable guide. Their team of specialists, as Greg Barry, founder of SDA Services and senior consultant, puts it, "Understand the intricacies of NDIS and translate them into clear, actionable plans." They help you identify the right SDA funding category for your needs, ensuring you secure the most suitable financial support for your unique situation.

Once your SDA funding is in place, Vertika can take center stage. Vertika offers a diverse portfolio of thoughtfully designed SDA properties across Sydney and Illawarra, with further locations currently in development.  

Vertika's commitment to accessibility goes beyond the basics. Their properties boast modern features that enhance everyday living, from the latest technology for added convenience and accessibility, to premium fixtures designed for maximum comfort and safety.

A Partnership Rooted in Shared Values

Vertika and SDA Services are more than just business partners; they share a deep commitment to empowering people living with disabilities. Vertika recognises the significant role SDA plays in creating a more inclusive society. Their mission to provide exceptional living environments aligns perfectly with SDA Services' dedication to securing the right support for their participants.

This shared vision creates the perfect conditions for an effective collaboration. Vertika keeps SDA Services informed about their latest developments, ensuring their participants have access to the most up-to-date SDA housing options. Simultaneously, SDA Services provides valuable insights into the evolving needs and preferences of the disability community, allowing Vertika to continuously refine their offerings.  

Rising to the SDA Challenge

Speaking at the unveiling of Vertika’s latest SDA development in Merrylands, Greg observes “An overarching challenge in developing an SDA property is getting the design right. Ideally the design is informed by bespoke responsibilities to individuals and their preferences and needs, but there’s also a reality whereby someone else might eventually call it their home." Greg believes that Vertika's latest development in Merrylands effectively balances these demands, with "the architects rising to the challenge impressively."

With one, two and three-bedroom apartments, Merrylands residents can wake up in sun-drenched homes knowing every detail has been meticulously planned to meet their specific needs. Additionally, thoughtfully designed indoor and outdoor shared entertaining spaces create the conditions for a community to form, offering a strong sense of connection and social interaction.  

Merrylands has been purpose-built to become a hub of support, personal development, and self-expression, where participants, support staff, families and friends can be themselves, and at the same time, be together. In Merrylands, different people may come and go, but the sense of a tightknit community will always remain.  

Beyond Bricks and Mortar

The impact of the Vertika and SDA Services partnership extends far beyond the walls of SDA properties. By simplifying the funding process and providing exceptional accommodation options, Vertika and SDA Services are creating a ripple effect of positive change:

✔️ Reduced Stress and Anxiety: The streamlined approach to securing SDA funding alleviates the burden and stress often associated with the NDIS process, which is notoriously tricky to navigate.

✔️ Increased Independence: Moving into a home designed for accessibility promotes a sense of self-reliance and empowers individuals to manage their daily lives with greater ease.

✔️ Improved Well-Being: Modern amenities and thoughtful design features promote comfort, safety, and overall well-being.

If you’re wondering what kind of real-world social impact all this equates to, Greg says, "I hear so many people say that the experience of moving into an SDA home is life changing. The joy that comes across people's faces when they move in is so pleasing to be around." Vertika and SDA Services are proud to be at the forefront of creating such a positive change.

Laying the Foundations for an Improved SDA System

Beyond helping individual people to secure funding and find their dream SDA home, Vertika and SDA Services have their sights set on much broader goals. It’s not just a case of building and filling SDA properties, it’s also about laying the foundations for an SDA system that better serves the people who depend on it.  

Vertika's commitment to adaptable design and creating captivating communities, informed by ongoing communication with SDA services, ensures its future properties will seamlessly meet the evolving needs of people living with disabilities. Following this approach enables high-quality SDA housing to become the norm, not the exception. Together, the two companies are helping to transform the landscape of specialist disability accommodation, one life-changing property at a time.

If you’re keen find out how Vertika can help you live the life you deserve, take the first steps in your SDA journey by talking to one of our friendly experts today:

Adam Wyatt
Updated On
June 18, 2024
Adam Wyatt is a content writer at Vertika and is a subject matter expert of the NDIS space. He holds a doctorate in media and film studies and is an advocate for human centred content that makes a difference in people’s lives.
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